For over a hundred years, we have been doing all our best to make our work meet strict production standards. From the beginning the highest quality was our first goal. Our solutions are innovative and modern. We achieve this through well qualified staff and the latest technology. We also hold a number of R&D projects in the field of energy efficiency in industry and methods of paper production.

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Care about details and continuous hard work of the whole team are the basis of our success. Professional approach to customer service is our top priority. Each order is treated individually, giving the possibility to choose products with exactly such features as expected. Thanks to our customers, Beskidy S.A. became a well-known and respected company. Customer’s choices contribute to the growth of our popularity and success in market. But we do not rest on our laurels.

We constantly modernize our machinery, improving the quality of our products and attach the utmost attention to get them the best parameters. We are working to increase the scope of our offer. Our brands are recognized by customers in more than 20 countries and we continue to put further steps towards new markets.

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History of the company

The Paper and Cardboard Factory Beskidy S.A. was established in 1907. In those days, our technical background allowed for the daily production of twelve tons of cardboard and paper. During the first twenty years of continuous growth and development, we extended the premises
and were able to purchase new machinery. The year 1928 marked the beginning of our activity as a joint-stock company, which gave us the opportunity to achieve rapid growth. After only ten more years, we modernized our machinery by purchasing two new drying cylinders and other equipment used for processing waste. The year 1939, the beginning of the Second World War, was a time of serious difficulties which we had to face. Struggling with a lack of funding for necessary improvements and repairs, in 1945 we faced the biggest crisis that might have ended with the closing of the factory.

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Estena Professional


Estena Professional products are targeted at the institutional market. They are ideal for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in public buildings, catering establishments, hospitals, clinics, factories, workshops and servicing facilities.

  • Estena Professional – a line of single-layer products from recycled paper. Estena products are high-quality eco-friendly products offered to our customers at the lowest possible price.
  • Estena Premium – a line of double-layer cellulose products for customers seeking comprehensive, high-quality solutions at optimum prices.

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A line of carefully selected top-quality cellulose hygiene products for household use.

Estena products are characterised by a very high degree of whiteness and softness. They consist of two or three layers of top-quality cellulose paper. Estena products are highly absorptive, while retaining increased wet strength.

Because of their high efficiency, Estena products guarantee savings. With their unique patterns and high-quality paper, they provide a feeling of comfort and offer the best value for money.

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Beskidy cardboard products are the best solution available on the market for ensuring surface protection during renovation and construction works. They are also widely used in logistics to secure all kinds of transported goods.

Thanks to textile fibre content, the products are highly absorbent, flexible and resistant, which clearly sets them apart from competitive products. Beskidy cardboard products are a perfect solution for both professional and household use. They guarantee working comfort, safety and significant time savings.

Our cardboard products have enjoyed great popularity in Germany and in Scandinavian countries for many years now.

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Waste management


Fabryka Papieru i Tektury BESKIDY S.A. provides comprehensive waste management services for manufacturing companies. We thoroughly understand the needs of companies seeking comprehensive waste management solutions. As both a manufacturing company and a recycler, we know how important it is to take into consideration the specific nature of each company and individual manufacturing processes. We offer waste collection, transport, treatment and recycling services.

Destruction of documents


Why is professional destruction of documents necessary?

Pursuant to the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws [Dziennik Ustaw] 2002, No 101, item 926, as amended), institutions and undertakings are required to destroy personal data after the expiry of the retention period.

The permitted document destruction forms and procedures are clearly defined in the Act. Personal data must be erased or modified in such way that persons specified in documents cannot be identified, on pain of criminal liability.

Waste recycling


We perform undertakings’ recycling obligations under the Act of 11 May 2001 on the obligations of undertakings with respect to the management of certain types of waste and on product and deposit fees (Journal of Laws 2001, No 63, item 639, as amended). We issue Waste Transfer Notes as well as documents confirming recovery and recycling.


Izmir 2014

We attended this multi-trade fair to launch our products on a new, dynamically developing market and to strengthen the company’s image.

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Tissue World Nicea 2011

A new brand of professional products, ESTENA, was officially launched on foreign markets at the 2011 Tissue World Fair, which was held at the Acropolis Exhibition Hall (Palais des Expositions) in Nice. The products generated much interest.

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„We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors—we borrow it from our children” – every day we heed these words of Lester Brown. Our plant is situated in the vicinity of the Dolna Skawa valley, which makes us even more sensitive to the beauty and fragility of nature. Therefore, we make every effort to make the Paper and Cardboard Factory Beskidy S.A. environmentally friendly.

At every stage of production, by training all our employees, by optimizing the use of materials, and by making investments designed to make our factory even greener, we do everything to be a nature-friendly factory. The materials we use in the production of paper and paperboard are suitable for reuse. In order to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills, we process thousands of tons of recyclable materials received from various companies annually.

We modernize our technology to minimize the consumption of water and energy, and also to reduce pollution emissions. We do our best to fulfill the highest standards of production with regard to ecology.

We fulfill the requirements included in the major documents in this field, such as “Reference Document on Best Available Techniques in the Pulp and Paper Industry“ or “Reference Document on BAT (Best Available Techniques) for the General Principles of Monitoring“.

We also recycle many types of materials, such as processed and unprocessed textiles, clothing, and most types of products made from paper and cardboard. We are one of the largest recyclers of multi-material packaging, such as Tetra Pak. We do everything to ensure safety for the environment and for the future generations.


Company data

Fabryka Papieru i Tektury BESKIDY S.A.
ul. Chopina 1
34-100 Wadowice

tel. +48 33 873 50 10
fax +48 33 873 50 11

Sales office:

tel. +48 515 033 915
tel. +48 33 873 50 10 wew. 116

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How to reach us?

Sales office:

Daniel Skoczylas
Sales specialist (cardboard),
tel. +48 515 033 884
Tel +48 33 873 50 10 wew. 116


Magdalena Kozak
Sales specialisty (paper hygienic products),
tel. +48 515 033 926
Tel +48 33 873 50 10 wew. 135


Katarzyna Pawelec – Tarkota
Sales specialist (mother reels),
tel. +48 515 033 890
Tel +48 33 873 50 10 wew. 136


Tomasz Bartula
Sales specialist
tel. +48 515 033 923
Tel +48 33 873 50 10 wew. 134

Department of Supply & Transport:

Jacek Rapacz
Tel. +48 501 065 485
Tel +48 33 873 50 10 wew. 115

Michał Gabryel
Tel. +48 515 033 911
Tel +48 33 873 50 10 wew. 114

Finance department:

Mateusz Data
Dyrektor finansowy
Tel. +48 501 421 593
Tel +48 33 873 50 10 wew. 107

Tel. +48 515 033 906
Tel. +48 33 873 50 10 wew 105


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